Winners of 2015

Omar Yaghi
For Nanotech
PhD. of Chemistry
University of Illinois-Urbana

Why Prof. Omar Yaghi has been selected?

For his outstanding contributions in designing and production of classes of compounds known as Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs), Zeolite Imidazolate Frameworks (ZIFs)and Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs)
Prof. Yaghi has pioneered the field of making materials by linking both organic and inorganic units together by strong bonds into robust porous crystalline materials called nanoporous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).These hybrid materials are useful in gas storage (hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide), hydrocarbon separations, catalysis, and more recently electronics. Prof. Yaghi developed this chemistry from the fundamental science all the way to applications. BASF is currently marketing his inventions as Basolites.

Jackie Ying
For Nanotech
PhD. of Nano Materials
Princeton University

Why Prof. Jackie Ying has been selected?

For her outstanding contributions to the synthesis of well-designed advanced nanostructured materials and systems, nanostructured biomaterials and miniaturized bio-systems of various interesting applications including the development of “stimuli-responsive polymeric nanoparticles” for diabetic patients.
Prof. Jackie Yi-Ru Ying’s research has made a major impact in the field of nanostructured materials through major breakthrough in the synthesis of nanoparticles, nanocomposites and nanoporous materials. She has created a nano tool box that is successfully applied towards drug delivery, cell and tissue engineering, biosensors and diagnostics, pharmaceuticals synthesis, green chemistry and energy. Remarkably, besides her 340 publications in leading journals, she has over 150 primary patents issued or pending, many of which have been successfully licensed for commercialization.