The achievements made by the communication Science and technology have been so tremendous in our life that living without them is almost inconceivable.
Our understanding and knowledge of principal structures shaping the life on the planet has undergone massive changes over the past half century.
Over the past few decades, researchers have passed through the normal features of the substances to give them new properties.
Other Tech
There are many researchers across the world helping progress in various fields of science and improving human life through their innovations and findings.
How to Participate in this Prize?
The nominees can only be nominated by one of the following scientific institutions and renowned scientists.
- Accredited scientific centers and universities
- Science and technology associations and centers of excellence
- Academies of science of Islamic countries
- Science and technology Parks
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Be Aware of Every Sudden Changes of condition of Mustafa Prize!
As the secretariat of the Prize, Pardis Technology Park is responsible for establishing and operating the secretariat and pursuing affairs relevant to the Prize.
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